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This is the story of a phenomenal rapper (self branded as Sweet Bags), being oppressed by some serious negative vibes. He grew up in a very lowly populated town in the grand region few may know as Maine. His father was the stereotypical lumberjack, who had a part time job in whale sexing, when the trees didn't grow. His father(lets call him Fevrico A.K.A Master Sailor)Didn't think very highly of Sweet Bags. So, he decided to throw Sweet Bags out of the hut. Sweet Bags led an extremely tedious life, living on the outskirts of his hometown. One day, Sweet Bags, met an Indian that went by the name of Bangs With Boots. The Indian told Sweet Bags that he should live his life with confidence. So Sweet Bags Did. Indeed he did...


On the way, bitches.

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